February 7th, 2012

Young Justice Sims: M'Gann M'orzz

M'Gann is Brave, Friendly, Good, and a Natural Cook. After some deliberation I gave her the trait Neurotic to reflect her trouble with stress and tendency to freak out over every mistake. I almost chose Perfectionist, but felt that a stressed, apologetic sim fit M'Gann's character better than a careful, composed one.

M'Gann's favourite food is cookies and her favourite colour is pink. Her goal is to become a 5-star chef.

Young Justice Sims: Wally West

Wally West is Brave, Good and Flirty. He's also Charismatic (because he's Wally goddamn West, that's why), and his obsession with collecting "souvenirs" reveals his kleptomania. His favourite food is waffles ("everything" was not an option) and his favourite colour is red. His dream in life is to advance his career in forensics to become a dynamic DNA profiler.

He was also a lot easier to dress than M'Gann, for some reason.

Young Justice Sims: Kaldur'ahm

Kaldur'ahm is Brave and Good. His sense of duty and desire to lead his team as well as he can results in Workaholic, Daredevil and Athletic traits. His favourite food is french toast and his favourite colour is red. His goal is to excel in his military career and become an astronaut. I would think that dry land would be a hostile enough environment for an Atlantean but apparently Kaldur disagrees.

Young Justice Sims: Conner Kent

Conner Kent is a Brave, Hot-Headed Loner. His desire to be like Superman makes him Ambitious and Perfectionist. His favourite colour is green and his favourite food is cookies. His goal in life is to be like Superman; he wants to improve himself by mastering logic and athletic skills and be the best Superboy that he can be.

I nearly made his goal to be the Master of Evil, for the luls.

Young Justice Sims: Artemis Crock

Artemis is Good but Grumpy. She is Ambitious and Athletic, and her bad luck with water on missions so far has left her Hydrophobic. Her favourite colour is green. Her goal in life is to become a superstar athlete aand prove to her dick of a father that she can be a better sportsperson than he has ever been without having to play by his rules.

Unfortunately The Sims 3 doesn't provie ponytails as long as Artemis', so she's making do with a headband.

Young Justice Sims: Richard Grayson

As the youngest member of the Team, I made Dick a teenager instead of a young adult like the others. Dick is a Brave, Childish Genius Computer Whiz. Unfortunately teens only get 4 personality traits so he'll need to age up before I can make him Good. His favourite food is cookies and his favourite colour is black.

And yes, he does wear those sunglasses to bed. Batman's orders.

Young Justice Sims: The Adventure Begins

Six Sims. 25,000 Simoleons. Well, nobody said this was going to be easy.

I bought them the cheapest lot I could find and outfitted it with the cheapest furniture I could. I splurged a little on the refrigerator and oven, but otherwise, the Team is currently poor. Now to see how they like their new home.

Everyone's decided what career they want, so it's time to send them to the computers to get jobs. First household complication: everybody is in everybody else's way. All the time.

Living in a tiny house with 5 other people is not good for Conner the Loner. Let's hope this, mixed with his Hot-Headedness, doesn't cause too much strife in the Team.

After sending Conner to loiter in the bedroom and sulk by himself, I spy the very first interaction to ever take place between Wally and Dick. I don't think this image requires further explanation.

Young Justice Sims: Not feeling the Aster.

Most of the Team want exercise, so I send Artemis and Kaldur'ahm to play catch. Wally decides to work out via the magic of dance, while Conner goes around the corner to work his anger out on the treadmill by himself. M'Gann and Dick read up on the basics of cooking and logic, respectively.

Then it's time for all the little angels to rest up.

The sims head off to their various work and school commitments. Conner ends his shift tired, stressed, uncomfortable due to all the people around him and in a very bad mood. Nevertheless, when an emergency arises he agrees to work an extra shift. It's what Superman would do.

But as the shift continues, his mood only worsens.

I feel sorry for anybody in Conner's way when he gets home.

Young Justice Sims: Missions Accomplished

Kaldur gets a promotion on his first day of work!

Now the Team can afford a chess table. Meanwhile, Dick was able to get on the good side of his principal by fixing the school's broken boiler, Conner's extra shift earned him some brownie points at work and Wally stayed extra late to help out his boss and move forward in forensics. Also: Kaldur, dancing.

Conner and Wally get home from their extra shifts, grab a quick dinner of leftover waffles and play chess together.

Side note: nobody in this household has ever eaten anything except waffles.

At the end of their first working day, all the worn-out Sims turn in for a good night's sleep... except responsible team leader Kadlur'ahm, who gets up extra early to help Dick with his homework.

Young Justice Sims: NOW we're feeling the Aster.

It's his second day of work, and Conner comes home with a promotion!

The game's suggestion that he should flash his biceps foe the lieutenant amuses me to no end. After work, Conner immediately runs out the back to work out on his treadmill. Alone. At least the solitude makes him happy. On the same day, Kaldur and Wally both get promotions!

Kaldur's really shooting up his career track. He'll be an astronaut in no time. He also wants to go swimming, which is not remotely surprising, so I used their promotion bonuses to build the Team a swimming pool.

... It'll get bigger.

Meanwhile, M'Gann is a bit distracted at work. She's worried that she left the tap on at home. Apparently the fact that she lives with five other people who would easily notice such a thing doesn't help her anxiety.

Conner and Wally return to that chess game. Neither can let themselves lose out to the other. My money's on Wally.

Young Justice Sims: hanging around the house

Wally and Dick play tag for a bit.

Bored with that, they decide to try chess instead, since they both want to improve their logic skills.

A lot of M'Gann's goals are based around cleaning toilets and sinks, repairing household appliances and making beds. Who am I to deny her?

Wally and Artemis hit it off much quicker than the show would have us believe...

... although Wally is of course thinking about food the entire time.

For a genius, Dick is easily confused. Stop doing dishes to go to bathroom? Why not just... carry those dishes with you?

Artemis is a troll, apparently. At least it's a nice change from being Dick's victim.

Young Justice Sims: The new guy

Dick has brought somebody home from school.

Taking random people to the Hall of Justice is a serious security problem, but whatever. I'm sure this guy's legit. You can always trust people whose first name are initials. (Dick is grumpy for unrelated reasons.)

Dick's new friend is Childish, just like him! They play tag.

But the new kid's not a one friend guy. He plays tag with M'Gann...

... while Wally helps Dick with his homework. Aren't they adorable?