February 8th, 2012

Young Justice Sims: This isn't TV, you know

M'Gann appears to have learned everything she knows about human culture from very old sitcoms. Her aspiration seems to be the Ultimate Housewife, with desires like making the bed, washing the dishes and fixing the toilet.

Her cooking skill is too high to benefit from the books the household owns any more, so I send her out book shopping. Meanwhile, Artemis has started a small lettuce garden, as part of a cunning plan to ensure that nobody ever has to go grocery shopping. Conner will probably do most of the gardening while he sulks. Angrily. Fortunately Sims won't punch the walls and break them.

Wally is about to share his first ever kiss with Artemis when... whoops, he has to go to work! He runs off, thinking about the job, leaving artemis alone.

What he really wants is to stay home and have sex with her, though.

And the feeling is mutual.

Here's hoping we're not looking at eighteen episodes of unresolved sexual tension this time.

Young Justice Sims: Wally made his choice

Well, this is interesting.

After about an hour of casual chatting about exercise and complementing her athleticism, Conner is moving in on Wally's girl. Looks like Artemis' dreams are coming true in this weird alternate Sime reality.

Yup. Wally's not gonna like this. Although Wally did get promoted today, which might help his mood. He's now good at apprehending burglars! That's a pretty important hero skill right there.

Even with his promotion, he's still hung up on Artemis.

Let's hope he can move in before Conner steals her away for good.

Young Justice Sims: Maybe you CAN have your cake and eat it too


Wally is not deterred by Conner's courting of Artemis. He knows that she really holds a torch for him, and he sets out to prove it. Here, they share their first kiss. Hopefully this will make my friends happy enough not to hurt me, even if Artemis isn't their preferred love interest.

This is just too cute not to include:

Meanwhile, M'Gann continues her ongoing mission of being the Perfect Housewife. But she finally has a wish that has nothing to do with cooking, cleaning or repairing toilets... she wants to hug somebody.

We love you, M'Gann.