nndaia (nndaia) wrote,

Gah, family

So I told the family I was moving today.

Decided this in November, but I didn't tell them over the Christmas break because I didn't want to put up with them telling me what a bad idea it was for 3 weeks. Turned out to be the right decision.

After some brief objections, they haven't contacted me about it and seem to be taking it well... until you consult my resident spy in the house. Turns out they are *freaking out*. Some of the things that have come up in conversation:

- I apparently haven't considered the cost of utilities at all in my decision. I have no ability to budget and have the mental abilities of a small child who saw something shiny, apparently. (Note: this is from a man who stole thousands of dollars from *both* his children -- money they'd managed to save via careful budgeting -- and spent it at the pokies)
- I'm "rebelling" (it's impossible to rebel if you're not in any way bound by the relevant authority and didn't consider them at all in your decision)
- They should take a trip to Adelaide especially to confront me in person (my agreement with my landlord is final. After we sign today, my agreement with my new landlord will be final. Even if they weren't, my decision is still final. I'd probably just ask them to leave.)
- (This one is my favourite:) The people I'm moving in with are just using me. They plan to rip me off, take all my money and ditch. (Note: these people have a history as responsible tenants, are trustworthy friends, and have always honoured any financial debt to me. I have no intention of budging on my agreed portion of the rent and this appears to be understood, so I don't see how I can possibly be ripped off. Furthermore, I threw my hat into the ring for this; they didn't ask me.)

So... yeah, it's going pretty much exactly like I expected. My one regret is that my brother has to listen to all this crap for hours; probably days.

And this is why lack of communication is the key to healthy family relationships.
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