nndaia (nndaia) wrote,

Forgive Me chapter 16

Author’s Note: I apologise for this complete waste of time of a chapter. It was Ms Gilesbie’s idea.


A concert, of course, needed a new outfit.

Mary and I spent Saturday shopping in the city. We found a great little gothic clothing store in a tucked-away corner. The salesman was one of the hottest people I’d ever seen. I found a long, low-cut black dress. A slit in the right side revealed a skirt of red tulle underneath. Aw, yeah. I looked hot.

“I gotta say, you’re the hottest customer I’ve had all day,” the salesman said approvingly. “But then, my previous customer was an old man, so take that how you will. I’m Tom, by the way.”

“Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way,” I replied.

“So do you have a date for the concert or...”

“Yes, I’m going with my boyfriend,” I said firmly.

Mary stepped in before the conversation became too awkward. “Do you often get adult men in here?”

“Never. Said he was going to the concert. Weird, huh?”

We paid for our clothing and got out of there. We needed to get home.

We had a concert to get ready for.



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